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Brad Pitt as Tom Bishop. Catherine McCormack as Elizabeth Hadley. Stephen Dillane as Charles Harker. Larry Bryggman as Troy Folger. Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Gladys Jennip.

Matthew Marsh as Dr. Todd Boyce as Robert Aiken. Garrick Hagon as Cy Wilson. Andrew Grainger as Andrew Unger. Bill Buell as Fred Kappler. Colin Stinton as Henry Pollard.

Rufus Wright as Folger's Secretary. Demetri Goritsas as Billy Hyland. Sam Scudder as Back Bencher.

Pat McGrath as Cleaner. Shane Rimmer as Estate Agent. David Hemmings as Harry Duncan. James Aubrey as Mitch Alford. In Sook Chappell as Receptionist.

Benedict Wong as Tran. Ken Leung as Li. Adrian Pang as Jiang. Ho Yi as Prison Warden. Cheung as Down's Prisoner. Tony Xu as Interrogator. Mark Sung as Ambulance Driver.

Tse as Prison Doctor. Logan Wang as Prison Guard. Hon Ping Tang as Prison Guard. Daniel Tse as Warden's Lieutenant. Vincent Wang as Outer Gate Guard.

Stuart Milligan as Captain. Joseph Chanet as VC General. Eddie Yeoh as General Hun Chea. Freddie Joe Farnsworth as Radioman.

Joerg Stadler as Schmidt. Balazs Tardy as Vopo No. Pal Oberfrank as Vopo No. Imre Csuja as Bar Owner.

Melinda Volgyi as Bar Owner's Wife. Kimberly Tufo as Sandy. Iain Smith as Ambassador Cathcart. Omid Djalili as Doumet. Amidou as The Sheik's Doctor.

Nabil Massad as Sheik Salameh. Mohamed Picasso as Colonel Ajami. Aziz Ait Essahmi as Checkpoint Guard. Moustapha Moulay as Arab Businessman. Raid Regragui as Suicide Van Driver.

Dale Dye as Commander Wiley. Tim Briggs as Heli Pilot. View All Spy Game News. March 6, Full Review…. The performances are the biggest asset.

November 6, Rating: Which is not to say DIS are sure it is not Chepiga; rather they believe — as would anyone with half a brain — that the Bellingcat photo falls a long way short of proof.

The British security services have been unable to stand up the ID with facial recognition technology. I have this information from an impeccable Whitehall source, who told me there is a concern in the security services that runs like this.

I judge that my source themself believes the security services really do think this. Bellingcat, while they are sometimes fed security service material, did not in fact get fed the Chepiga material by the CIA or MI6, whether or not through a cutout.

If the UK government endorses it, this could be followed by the Russians producing Chepiga and apparently discrediting the entire British narrative.

Please note I am not endorsing the views and beliefs of the British intelligence services; I am reporting them.

Russia is fascinating at the moment. Now there is no way these experts in the Ministry of the Interior — who would not be hard for the authorities to single out — would have done that for Komsomolskaya Pravda without an official nod.

Either the Russians are indeed egging on the British into a false identification, or some inter-agency rivalry is afoot in Russia.

None of which brings us an awful lot closer to the truth of what happened in Salisbury, which I suspect is a great deal more complicated than any official narrative.

But it is a fascinating peek into a shadowy world most people never see inside, with which I was once familiar. Blighty however is a paragon of decency afternoon tea and democracy, and the EU will succumb to our stiff upper lip resolve.

Of course the reality on Brexit is that the DUP are calling the shots. Post Brexit and the oncoming famine who among the Tories is fit and proper to be the next PM?

Or will Labour finally stop their infighting, and seize the moment. One thing is for sure the next five, six months will be an interesting time in British politics, as Westminster gives itself just enough rope to hang Britian out to dry.

But not to worry the media will publish our exit of the EU as a victory over Johnny Foreigner, and his uncouth ways.

But you cannot blame May for any of this. Her whole Brexit strategy has been undermined by reliance on DUP support.

If not May, who would you blame for that weakness? The price the U. Claiming that there will be a return to the Troubles is over-egging the pudding.

Brexit was doomed to be botched from the day it was voted for. There is no possible way it could have been done differently that would have resulted in a different outcome.

This is a case of all roads lead to Rome. Your response reeks of denial. Well, if you only listened to UKIP pre-referendum, then that would explain why you thought there was no alternative to the current mess.

Remaining in the EEA always was an option, just not a very probable one. It always was the best reason for voting Remain: What sugar coated Brexit plan were you hoping for when you put an X in the box?

I hope sincerely that a ton of these people land up on the dole because that is called Karma. Yes, we can blame May. She was installed in power to pursue the most hardline Brexit strategy despite the fact half the British people wanted to remain in the EU and many of the other half wanted a soft Brexit.

She has spent two years trying to deceive the voters about the economic effects of Brexit, while going out of her way to antagonise both Remain voters and the EU.

Only now that her threats to the EU have completely failed is she trying to pose as a moderate in a desperate attempt to save Brexit.

It is hard to think of much difference between what May has done and treason. She says she voted Remain and then humiliated the country by pursuing Brexit that she knows is against the national interest, simply because the shadowy people backing her leadership told her to.

In my opinion, May is an absolutely vile individual who deserves a long prison sentence when all this is over. Is to use F35 stealth fighter jets in Syria, to counter Syria protecting its borders using S missiles.

Registered through a secrecy service, the site is untraceable. The jet went into production with approx unresolved glitches.

A boon doggle in Yankee terminology. To recoup the costs, Nato and US allies were pressured into buying it. It is now accepted by the US military that Russia has superior nuclear weaponry ,since new hypersonic and nuclear powered missiles were revealed by Putin in his speech to the Duma on March 1st This of course cannot be put to the test short of a Nuclear war.

The superior Military strength of the USA is a perception. This perception can be shattered by the destruction of its conventional weapons.

Russia has now deployed S air defences there. This would destroy any perception of Western Military superiority and see a massive shift in allegiances from West to East, as smaller Nations seek the protection and superior defensive weaponry of Russia.

The Law of unexpected consequences makes its appearance.! I thought somebody in Israel, Washington or Whitehall would have made the claim that the Russians themselves allowed the IL20 plane to get shot down, then use the cover story of the Israeli jets as a cover in order to use that as a reason to send the new missiles.

Then the marajuana wore off…. According to Hill he personally blew up an enemy gasworks, overpowered an assassin who attempted to kill him with a grenade by striking him in the head with a brick and ran one of 2 men who had followed him from secret meeting through with his swordstick.

Alan Sugar will already have his bolt hole in Israel but he was never able to sustain his Amstrad business in quite the way Michael Dell did.

Yes, Sugar made most of his fortune from Sky decoder boxes. When he was a major shareholder in Spurs, he attended the meeting of the top clubs to vote on whether to accept the ITV bid for live football or the Sky bid.

As he had a vested interest in Sky winning, he should have recused himself from the vote. Sky duly won the bid and Sugar made a fortune.

Whether or not that was good for football is debatable but it was certainly good for Sugar. Funnily enough, I went out to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner the other day and decided against a Dyson on the basis that he was a pro-Brexit idiot.

Do Sharks have the stupid hidden filter that Dysons have? If not, they are the better product, Brexit or no Brexit.

Sugar is now a property magnate, he effectively got out of ICT when he spent a decade owning Spurs. Eight previous entries on this blog feat.

Theresa May never forgetting her attacks on our human rights. Which reminds me, how much have you donated, Sharp Ears? Grown on what remains of their land and sold by their own co-operative.

I wrote Sturgess and checked before posting! To more serious matters. If so, is this self-censorship to avoid being labelled a communist? Westlife, the Irish group, are making a comeback apparently.

On Sky News this morning, a male presenter called Neil somebody is a fan and is excited at the news. He and the female, Sarah Jane, fell about laughing.

Not to be confused with Spy Games. This article is about the film. For the related soundtrack, see Spy Game soundtrack. Douglas Wick Marc Abraham.

Michael Frost Beckner David Arata. Universal Pictures [1] Beacon Pictures [1]. Robert Redford as Nathan D. Retrieved October 26, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved March 6, Retrieved July 27, Lots of juvenile made up stuff has been thrown around.

It actually IS, evidentially. This conflicts with my memory of the event. I thought he had been poisoned by butyl alcohol but I must be thinking of another death which occurred in similar circumstances.

Can anyone remember who was the victim of the butyl alcohol poisoning? I admit that for news, I rely on Russia Today and other alternative news sources as I find BBC News misleading and with a propensity to promote and repeat propaganda.

I note that you are very careful to cover yourself by repeatedly referring to Bellingcat but in a manner to infer that this person is a respected and qualified news source.

Has any BBC News reporter been instructed to check out the details of Belingcats accusations and if so what did they find? This raised in my mind two thoughts.

Could Skripal have heard about what was going on at Porton Down and perhaps the danger to Russia and therefore it was thought necessary to silence him and the other thought was that maybe these two Russian characters were involved in intelligence and had been suckered across to pick up information or samples from someone?

I have read about the GRU in Soviet times and they came across as the very elite unlike the bunch of clowns that are pictured today.

There again British Intelligence appears to be following the same path. Maybe the BBC is constrained in their reporting due to the D notice and so are unable to report accurately or defend themselves.

On this, and on his specious garbage saying the Syrian army used sarin at The Ghouta in , he was comprehensively exposed as an unqualified, incompetent liar.

I continue to believe that Skripal was involved in trafficking chemical weapons agents, likely sarin, to the Idlib terrorists on behalf of MI6 demons, and that that was why he was targeted.

Targeted, but not successfully by Russia. This smells like more Spy-Vs. As Off-Guardian is reporting on numerous persons objecting to their book review, thinking jet fuel brought down the towers, one wonders whether even cretinous Bellingcat rubbish has a chance to fool the British public.

Interesting, enigmatic piece by Craig Murray. More questions than answers. Shikhar Dhawan is an Indian international cricketer.

A left-handed opening batsman and occasional right-arm off break bowler, he plays for Delhi in domestic cricket and Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL.

He played for the Indian Under and Under teams before making his first-class debut for Delhi in November She gives ugly people who got into politics for the right reasons a bad name.

This is good news. When Corbyn wins the election, Alan Sugar will be leaving the country: Amstrad was quite an expensive product in its day, with unnecessarily expensive peripherals.

My understanding is that Sugar made most of his money from satellite TV decoders. Can we make sure this carpet bagger does not return?

How much are you going to donate? What ARE you on about Anon1? Viktoria Skripal press conference: She is a very confident TV performer. Does she work in the media?

If you think you might be a target, put locking wheel nuts on your car. Just tucking into some sublime medjool dates from the Levant.

Fruit of the gods! Where are the gods when you need them? Ate they the ones grown on land stolen from the Palestinians in Al Nakba?

That was between 20 March and 30 June And I checked after posting as one does. Must be Russian hackers. The banality of evil.

We must be thankful to have his voice in this bleak political wilderness. I was going to edit that a bit but whizzy Windows 10 sent it instead.

Here is the link https: Actually, John Pilger is Australian. What were they looking for there? Well Gary, you are very optimistic in your thinking and analysis.

Full Cast and Crew. Does the "Mayans M. Share this Rating Title: Spy Game 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

User Polls Happy Thanksgiving! Learn more More Like This. The Devil's Own Meet Joe Black Legends of the Fall A River Runs Through It Seven Years in Tibet Enemy of the State A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in the Agency.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Nathan Muir Brad Pitt Tom Bishop Catherine McCormack Elizabeth Hadley Stephen Dillane Charles Harker Larry Bryggman Troy Folger Marianne Jean-Baptiste Gladys Jennip Matthew Marsh William Byars Todd Boyce Robert Aiken Michael Paul Chan Vincent Vy Ngo Garrick Hagon Andrew Unger Bill Buell

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